About Us


Azwaaj is a matrimonial website dedicated to assist singles in finding a good match “Azwaaj “ via the use of a website and live consulting services. We are committed to bring bachelors together on a platform where they may freely and safely browse through other suitors and discover their ideal spouses. Every day, thousands of men and women looking for the right life mate visit our matchmaking web page. Singles can look for matches online and can express interest in individuals they like. All you have to do to find you’re "happily ever after”. Join up for a membership, which is completely free.


Our vision is to make Azwaaj recognized on global platform and all singles around the world seeking life partner will first think of Azwaaj when it comes to successful marriage and finding a soul mate.

Company history:

Azwaaj is a matrimonial website that helps individuals to find a decent match “Azwaaj” via the use of a website. We're dedicated to bringing bachelors together on a platform where they may freely and safely browse other suitors and find their ideal partners.

Azwaaj was founded in 2002, when there was no such thing as a matrimonial website, and all dating websites were charging a lot of money from users, and there were no reliable websites to locate the perfect soul mates. The CEO of Azwaaj, came up with an idea of creating a trustworthy platform for the singles all around the globe   where they can find their soul mate.

His core idea was providing a platform to the members where money making will not be prioritized, he established the notion of refunding fees to the members who are unable to discover their ideal match on Azwaaj by happenstance. Azwaaj has been providing the greatest matches to its members for almost twenty years. Today, Azwaaj has a membership of over 5 million individuals and every day, via Azwaaj, happy tales are being written. Our ultimate goal is to find a partner for our members who, like Azwaaj, will be there for them through thick and thin. That’s why we say “we connect hearts “.

CEO‘s vision and values:


This is CEO & founder of Azwaaj.com.

As you navigate our website, I hope you learn more about the qualities that make Azwaaj an outstanding platform so I was making a decent living for the profession I was pursuing, but I was constantly unsatisfied and unmotivated in life. I, too, felt a desire to do something recognizable for the people around me. I found myself stuck to a desk job that I didn't love. So rather than accepting my situation, I decided to take action and founded Azwaaj at a very young age.

We all know that marriage is more than a union of two individuals; it is a union of two souls. With our website, we can provide the finest soul mate matches for everyone. When Azwaaj begins, choosing the safest hands to place their daughter in and selecting a daughter-in-law or son in law or a partner for the family would become easier for the people around the world. Because Azwaaj came up with the idea of connecting hearts .We are extremely concerned about our members' security and safety. We value our users' privacy and believe in taking swift action against fraudulent profiles by just one click on report option.


Ethical Principles & values at Azwaaj :

. We are a company dedicated to the following values:

·         Passion for Excellence—Aim for the highest level of performance in all we undertake.

·         Integrity:  Adhere to the highest ethical standards possible. To engage in a good, open, and honest manner, guided by what is right.

·         Honesty and team work: Collaborate in a spirit of trust, openness, honesty, and mutual respect.

·         Inspired People—Build a culture where people are motivated, engaged, valued and growing. Our people make the difference and are the essence of Azwaaj

Our Values:

We share a set of core values at Azwaaj: 

We’re customer-focused, entrepreneurial, honest, collaborative, and inventive. These principles are deeply embedded in our corporate identity and influence how we engage with one another, consumers, business partners, and other stakeholders. Our executives take pleasure in operating our company with a values-based approach.