Meet Ayesha: A Pakistani Muslim Girl Living in America & Seeking Marriage

Meet Ayesha: A Pakistani Muslim Girl Living in America & Seeking Marriage

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Meet Ayesha: A Pakistani Muslim Girl Living in America and Seeking Marriage

Meet Ayesha, the epitome of Pakistani beauty and grace. Not only is she beautiful and glamorous, but she’s also warm, friendly, and an all-around joy to be around. She loves to spend time with her friends, travel to new places, and enjoy nature in its finest form.

Her life revolves around God and her family, who mean everything to her. Meet Ayesha, and you’ll quickly see why so many men want to make her their wife! If you think that sounds like the perfect woman for you, get in touch today!

Who is Ayesha?

Ayesha is a 27-year-old Pakistani Muslim girl who was born and raised in America. She's the eldest of four girls and has always been close to her parents, especially her father. Ayesha graduated from college with a degree in accounting and now works as a certified public accountant. She's a practicing Muslim who prays five times a day and goes to the mosque on Fridays.

Her favorite foods are Indian cuisine, and she loves watching romantic Bollywood movies. She also enjoys reading self-help books about improving one's self esteem.

When you’re an American citizen but still can’t get married

It’s been two years since Ayesha, a 28-year-old Pakistani Muslim woman, moved to the United States. In that time, she’s gotten a job, made friends, and started to feel at home in her new country.

But there’s one thing she hasn’t been able to do: get married. In Pakistan, her parents would have arranged a match for her. But here in the US, she’s on her own. It's very frustrating, she says. I can't find someone. She speaks with potential suitors through online dating sites like Zoosk or OkCupid, but most of them just disappear after messaging for a few days.

And if they agree to meet up in person, They show up without fail wearing jeans and sneakers—not the clothes expected of someone meeting their potential future wife's family for the first time. It makes me uncomfortable, she says.

Make a lasting impression on first date;

Is It Wrong To Marry Abroad?

Ayesha is a 27-year-old Pakistani Muslim girl living in America. She's been here for about eight years, studying and working. And now she's ready to get married.

But there's one problem: her family wants her to marry a Pakistani man and she wants to marry an American man. What should she do? Is it wrong to marry abroad? What are the pros and cons of marrying someone from your own country versus someone from another country?

These are the questions that

Ayesha has been struggling with recently. Should she tell her parents what she really wants? Or will they be angry if they find out that their daughter doesn't want to follow Pakistani tradition and marry within their culture or religion?

So many thoughts go through her head when thinking about this question. Should I break my mother's heart by not following tradition or is it okay to break tradition if I know I'm doing what is best for me?

Tips For Successful Marriage In The US

1. If you're seeking a successful marriage in the United States, it's important to be honest about your expectations. Are you looking for a traditional arranged marriage or a more modern approach?

2. It's also important to be realistic about the differences between Pakistani and American culture. There are bound to be some things that you'll have to adjust to.

3. Communication is key!