Pakistani Boy Wants to Marry a Gulf Country Girl

Pakistani Boy Wants to Marry a Gulf Country Girl

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After the partition of India in 1947, Muslim families mainly migrated to Pakistan. The reason behind this migration was that they were escaping from the most suffocating life in India.

Even though they had lost their ancestral land, they at least got a new country where they could live with dignity. But the situation has changed now, and the majority of the Muslims residing in Pakistan are having to migrate for work to countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


Hi, my name is Arsalan, and I am from Pakistan. I am 19 years old, and I am in love with a girl from a Gulf country. We have been talking for a year now, and we want to get married. However, our families are not supportive of our relationship because of cultural differences.

I come from a conservative Muslim family, and they believe that it is not proper for me to marry a girl from a different culture. On the other hand, her family is also not very keen on the idea because they feel that Pakistani boys are not good enough for their daughter.

We are both very determined to get married, though, and we are willing to fight for our love. Our parents may not understand, but we know that we can make things work if we are together. We would appreciate any advice or guidance on how to convince our families to let us get married. Thank you!

Age difference between the couple:

Age differences can be a big issue in relationships, especially when one person is much older than the other. In the case of a Pakistani boy wanting to marry a Gulf country girl, the age difference could be a potential obstacle to their relationship. If the girl is significantly younger than the boy, her family may not approve of the match.

Additionally, the couple may have difficulty communicating and understanding each other due to their different cultural backgrounds. Age differences can be challenging, but if both parties are willing to work through them, the relationship can be very rewarding.

The age gap is a huge issue for youth now; learn more about it here

Religion Difference:

There is a huge difference between the religious beliefs of Pakistanis and those of those living in Gulf countries. Islam is the official religion of Pakistan, while the majority of people in Gulf countries are Sunni Muslims. This can be a big obstacle when it comes to marriage, as both families may not be willing to compromise on religious beliefs.

Cultural Difference:

Pakistan is a country rich in culture and tradition. The people of Pakistan are proud of their heritage and are very protective of their values. This can be seen in the way that they treat their women. Pakistani men are very protective of their sisters and daughters and would never allow them to marry outside of their culture.

This is not the case in Gulf countries. Girls from Gulf countries are often married off to older men from other cultures, without any regard for their own wishes or desires. This can be a shock for Pakistani boys who want to marry Gulf girls, as they may not be used to this kind of arrangement.

It is important to remember that cultural differences can be a source of tension in any relationship. If you are considering marrying someone from a different culture, it is important to learn as much as you can about their customs and traditions. This will help you avoid any misunderstandings or hurt feelings down the line.

Career Differences:

There is a huge difference between the career opportunities available to boys and girls in Pakistan. Boys are able to get jobs in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and transportation.

Girls, on the other hand, are largely limited to working in the service sector. This means that they are often working as maids, nannies, or domestic workers. This disparity in career opportunities can make it very difficult for Pakistani girls to find suitable husbands. In Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, there are far more opportunities for girls to find good jobs.

They can work in a variety of industries, including banking, finance, healthcare, and education. This gives them much more freedom when it comes to choosing a husband. They can marry someone who is from a different socioeconomic background and has a different set of values.

Pakistani boys who want to marry girls from the Gulf should be aware of the career differences between the two countries. Girls from Gulf countries have much more freedom when it comes to choosing a husband. They can marry someone from a different socioeconomic background who has a different set of values.

Financial Difficulties:

When it comes to love, money shouldn't matter. But unfortunately, in the case of Pakistani boy Arshad Khan, it does. Arshad is madly in love with a girl from a wealthy family in the Gulf country of Qatar. But because his own family is struggling financially, he knows that his chances of winning her hand in marriage are slim to none.

In a recent blog post, Arshad opens up about his financial difficulties and how they are impacting his relationship. He writes:

I come from a very poor family in Pakistan. My father is a driver, and my mother is a housewife.

We don't have much money, so when I fell in love with a girl from a wealthy family in Qatar, I knew that it would be difficult to marry her.

Her family is very generous, and they have offered to help us financially, but my pride won't allow me to accept their help. I want to be able to provide for my future wife and give her the life she deserves, but right now I can't even afford to buy her an engagement ring.


Can a Pakistani boy wed a woman from the Gulf?

A boy from Pakistan can marry a woman from a Gulf nation, yes.

Should this kind of marriage take into account any cultural differences?

It's possible that there will be cultural differences that both parties need to be aware of and respect.

What legal conditions must be met before getting married to a Gulf country girl?

Depending on the particular Gulf nation, the legal specifications could change. It is crucial to learn about and abide by local rules and regulations.

How can I meet and communicate with girls from the Gulf countries?

You can attempt a variety of approaches, including social gatherings, internet dating services, and community networking, in the Gulf region.

What are some typical issues that arise in cross-cultural unions?

A few difficulties that might occur include adjusting to one another's lifestyles and overcoming language obstacles and cultural differences.

How can I make sure my marriage to a Gulf country girl will be happy?

Open communication, understanding on both sides, and a willingness to make concessions are necessary for a happy intercultural union.

Will I have to move to the Gulf nation after I get married? 

That depends on what each partner likes and the situation. While some couples would prefer to live in the Gulf nation, other couples might pick a different arrangement.

What actions should I take to learn about the customs and culture of the Gulf nation?

To comprehend the culture and traditions of the Gulf nation, it's crucial to interact with the local community, learn the language, and respect cultural standards.

If I marry a girl from a Gulf nation, are there any legal or visa-related considerations?

The laws governing marriage and visas differ in each Gulf nation. For accurate information, it is advised to speak with the appropriate authorities or seek legal counsel.

How can I assure a seamless transition into the society of the Gulf nation?

Building relationships, becoming familiar with local customs, and embracing the culture will all aid in a smooth integration into the society of the Gulf nation.

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