The intriguing psychology behind the best matchmaker

The intriguing psychology behind the best matchmaker

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What’s a Matchmaker? 

This trend has been around for centuries. Matchmaker specialized in categorizing people wanting to find

Their best match. That’s what their job is or was to provide their clients with the best options.

What's their Role?

 Matchmakers are professionals at assisting people in finding or connecting them with individuals looking for a long-term romantic interest. The main goal of their profession is to find the best compatible match for their clients, up to their standards and level. Especially in line with their morals, values, and etiquette, the marriage lasts for a lifetime.

 How do they perform their job?

 Matchmaking used to be a less complicated job, but nowadays it’s rather complex. A professional matchmaker will ensure that nothing is overlooked and use the best methods to filter out the partner the client is looking for. When initially an individual reaches out to a matchmaker these days, they take a thorough interview and log in all the details into the client’s profile. Multiple questionnaires, including personality tests, so there’s a better idea of what type of person they’re dealing with and who might be their ideal match.

 The tricky part of their job is to match clients. There are several profiles in their database, a lot of people with different personalities, traits. This is the part where skill comes in handy. With the help of comprehensive profile matchmakers make, they try to find just the appropriate candidate. Keen information like interests hobbies and mentality. Everything should align before they match two people. Since they’re well aware of how much of a big investment marriage is these days.

What’s the Next Step?

Once they successfully match two potential candidates, starting the matchmakers becomes their medium of communication. If both parties consent to further steps, then matchmakers set up their preferred dates. Keep in mind to satisfy both of its clients, provide them with clear guidance and how to act relevant on the first date, and not cross the boundaries. 

Extended services matchmakers provide; Oftentimes, a matchmaker also becomes the relationship counselor or the personality developer. There are times when a client is insecure about themselves. 

Best matchmakers also help their clients understand relationships better. They provide them with Knowledge of the key to a successful relationship. Enlightening their clients regarding the main Requirements of marriage, are about commitment, trust, respecting each other, and being Available emotionally and financially. This also gives their client an idea of whether they’re ready to be in a relationship or not.

Some matchmakers also specialize in certain religions, castes, and classes. But mainly, their function is to find the perfect match for their client. To help them end up in a fulfilling marriage, a lasting bond. Dating is very complicated and time-consuming. Matchmakers make it convenient for clients who are looking for something permanent.

 Professional matchmakers in India

In India, match-making culture and matchmaking are very popular. Indians are not open to the idea of dating. Hence, matchmakers are their way of finding compatible partners.

 Priya Shah the Matchmaker, has been featured on Forbes as well she’s known for her dedication towards her client and is responsible for thousands of successful marriages. You can find her website on

Google, including a summary of her services.

 Sima Taparia is another one of the most successful matchmakers from India. She even hosts a Netflix series (Indian matchmaking) with multiple seasons. That show also gives a detailed overview of how matchmaking works. 

Best matchmaker in Delhi

Delhi has an estimated 3,000 matrimonial bureaus and matchmakers. The competition is stiff. 

Neelu Matchmaking is a platform run by an Indian woman from Delhi. Although her business is now located in London with a deeply rooted connection with Delhi, she has achieved success over the year in matchmaking with an incredible success rate Neelam Pathak, another matchmaker from Delhi who also featured in a local magazine and shared insider regarding matchmaking culture.


Atchmakers need to employ their emotional intelligence skills to understand their clients better and the patterns they’re requiring. Matchmaking is no easy job, especially in a world where technology is burdening every profession and everything can be façade. Matchmakers ensure that their clients find their best match. 


Why should you pay to get a matchmaker?

 Understandably, dating is convenient and less expensive than matchmaking but With the assistance of matchmaking, there’s a guarantee it’s worthy of time investment. 

What if my match is not sourcing any of these matchmaking portals? 

That’s likely, but the wider the network a matchmaker operates from, there’s a high chance your match is sourcing through them.