The Rules for Marrying an American Girl in 2024

The Rules for Marrying an American Girl in 2024

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The Rules for Marrying an American Girl in 2024

Dating and courtship aren’t quite the same in America as they are back home. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you have the smoothest and most successful relationship possible with your American girl! Don’t forget, rules were made to be broken, but in order to break them, you have to know what they are first!

Dating in America; what it's like?

You must live in America

In order to marry an American girl, you must first live in America. This is because the process of getting a green card can be long and difficult, and it's much easier to do if you're already living in the country. Plus, it shows that you're serious about your relationship and are willing to make a commitment to her.

Never ask her for permission

If you want to marry an American girl, the number one rule is to never ask her for permission.

This goes against everything that most men are taught, but in America, women are independent and used to making their own decisions. Asking her permission will only make her think you’re not confident in your decision and she’ll be less likely to say yes.

Tell her you love her every day

You might think that telling your American girl you love her every day is too much, but it's not. In fact, it's just the right amount. Your girl wants to hear those three little words from you every day, so make sure you say them often. And don't just say them, mean them. Look into her eyes and say it like you really mean it.

She will understand you better than anyone else in the world

When you marry an American girl, you are marrying someone who understands you better than anyone else in the world. She knows how to communicate with you, and she knows how to make you feel comfortable. She also knows how to compromise and how to work through problems.

Don’t be afraid to disagree or fight

Disagreements and fights are bound to happen in any relationship. What’s important is how you handle them. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself or to voice your opinion. And when you do fight, try to do so constructively.

Make eye contact during sex

When you're having sex with an American girl, it's important to make eye contact. This shows that you're present and engaged in the experience. It can also be a way to connect with your partner and create intimacy. Plus, making eye contact during sex can make it even more pleasurable.

Treat her like a real woman

First and foremost, an American girl wants to be treated like a lady. She wants you to be a gentleman and open doors for her, pull out her chair, and treat her with respect.

Secondly, she wants you to listen to her and actually hear what she’s saying. We’re not mind readers, so if something is bothering us, we need you to ask us what’s wrong. Third, we appreciate honesty and transparency.

Learn how to flirt with her

The first step to flirting with an American girl is to smile and make eye contact. Next, approach her and strike up a conversation. Compliment her, be funny, and keep the conversation light. Once you have her attention, you can start making your move. Finally, ask her out!

Show her off, she’s yours!

When you’re dating an American girl, it’s important to show her off to your friends and family. Let them know how lucky you are to be with her. She’s a catch!