Tina & Azhar

Posted By: Muhammad Azhar

"When I got home about 3 a.m., I noticed on Azwaaj that she had sent me an interest. So I texted 'Hey' with no expectations. We had only gotten a few hours of sleep the night before. I'm constantly pacing in bed and chattering away to my heart's content. We had been talking for more than 12 hours and had not taken a single break. That's when we made the decision to meet in person. We proceeded to a coffee shop and discovered that we had a lot more to discuss. After months of meticulous planning, we travelled to Hyderabad for a "relax weekend" one August weekend after meeting for the first time. Overlooking Hyderabad's breathtaking cityscape and under the watchful eye of the Falaknuma Palace's security team. We decided to marry after the first meet up. However, problems arose afterwards. Because Azhar’s Muslim parents and Tina’s Hindu parents are both first-generation immigrants from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), things were not going to be easy. We eloped to Denmark and signed our hearts to each other, officially, after weeks of planning, trying to persuade our families, and receiving well wishes from close friends." All thanks to Azwaaj.com