David & Lee

Posted By: Lee Chung

David's Azwaaj profile was the first thing I noticed, and it was dreadful. He only had three or four photos (strange expressions, sunglasses, groups of people) and very little text. Since we both came from Christian families of sub continent region. He found me by typing “Japan and bicycling” into the search box, and I noted in my profile that I had lived in Japan when I was younger and that I like biking. I recall thinking to myself, “Fine, I'll amuse this person with the bad profile maybe because we'll have this Japan connection and can be friends,” when he texted me and stated he had also lived in Japan.

We communicated for the next three days before meeting for coffee. We had both attended the same international school in Japan, but at different times, so we spent the entire day chatting about our experiences there and the people we knew. We said our goodbyes at the conclusion of the next meet up soon. and I was a little nervous since I didn't know the protocol—we'd just corresponded via Azwaaj, and I wasn't sure if he'd do this with other people, etc. But it all worked out in the end. We both cancelled our Azwaaj profiles after that day and resumed normal communication. We've been dating for four years and were married in April!. God bless Azwaaj.