Terms & Conditions Of Azwaaj

Terms and Conditions:


Read These Terms And conditions CAREFULLY BEFORE REGISTERING. By installing, accessing, or using our services,  features, software, or website (collectively, "Services"), you agree to abide by such terms and conditions ("Membership Terms and Conditions").

You and Azwaaj TM have entered into a legal arrangement. You agree to the following Terms & Conditions by using www.Azwaaj.com. You are not authorized to use or access these services if you do not agree to these terms and conditions. You are making a contractual offer to us through the application form, which is subject to these Terms and Conditions and nothing else. This document ('The Membership Terms and Conditions') lays out the terms of your partnership with Azwaaj TM, to which you are expressly accepting once you accept the Membership Terms and Conditions.

You confirm that you are over the age of 18 and that you have not lied or cheated in any manner to get access to this website.


Anyone under the age of 18 detected using the Azwaaj services will be banned immediately without reimbursement, and your IP address will be blocked as well.

You ARE NOT PERMITTED TO CREATE MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT FOR YOURSELF. If a member is found to have several accounts, they will be permanently banned without a refund.


Azwaaj is just for personal use by individual members, not for commercial or business purposes. If you are a business company or commercial concern, you are not permitted to use our services unless Azwaaj has expressly authorized you in writing. Azwaaj takes aggressive legal action against businesses and commercial entities that log in without permission.

You expressly agree to abide by the following terms and conditions when using this service.

All of the terms and conditions mentioned in this Membership agreement must be carefully read, understood, and agreed to by you. You forfeit your right to use our service if you do not understand or agree to ALL Membership Terms and Conditions, and you will not login to the Azwaaj services at any time.

Please read the following regulations carefully, as breaking them will result in a PERMANENT BAN from the Azwaaj with no refund.

Any effort to do so may result in your information being shared with legal teams, attorneys, the Police, or any other Government or legal body for the purpose of an inquiry.

You will not download or distribute any virus or anything that could harm Azwaaj or its customers.

You will not post vulgar material, photos, or stuff of in your profile or through chats.

You will not send any member unsolicited mass mailings, junk mail, spam mail, or chain letters, nor will you transmit any business material with the intent to engage or sell to other members, such as requesting members to sign up for products and services on other websites or by other means.

You will not collect personal information from our members, such as email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, financial information, or any other type of information.

The information you submit about yourself in your profile will be accurate and true to your genuine self - and we remind you that you have vowed to God that you are speaking the truth, and any attempt to lie can and will be used against you, with legal action taken against you.


You must post only original, truthful, and fresh images of yourself to Azwaaj. If any other people are accidentally included in the images you submit, you represent and warrant that you have their express permission to do so.


Specifically, please note the following:

·         www.Azwaaj.com is where our admin team monitor and check messages for the safety of other members. You agree that your conversations are subject to being monitored and NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

·         You MAY share contact details once compatibility has been established between you and another member. Any attempt at sharing details prior to this will result in a ban from www.Azwaaj.com

·         Please note that once you take your conversations OFF , www.Azwaaj.com is in no way, shape or form implicated in any situations or problems that could happen between you and the member. It is YOUR responsibility to do your diligence and make the same checks and investigations that you would usually make when searching for a spouse offline.

·         Profiles are MANUALLY approved within 24-48 hours and any profiles deemed suspicious or fraudulent will be rejected immediately with a permanent ban and NO refund.

·         Spamming the Helpdesk or sending inappropriate messages to the admin can result in a permanent ban from www.Azwaaj.com.

·         Abuse to staff will NOT be tolerated in any way, shape or form, and will result in a permanent ban without refund.